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At St. Louis Orthodontic Group, we understand the terminology can be a little daunting when it comes to orthodontics definitions. To help provide you with a bit more clarity, we have put together this list of some of the more common orthodontics definitions.

Orthodontics Definitions: Components of Braces

  • Appliance – Any device used by your orthodontist that attaches to your teeth and moves them or changes the shape of your jaw
  • Archwire – The main wire that guides the movement of your teeth. It is exchanged intermittently throughout your treatment as your teeth reposition
  • Band – A metal ring that encompasses the tooth and allows the brackets a way to be attached to your teeth
  • Bond – Seal of the orthodontic cement that adheres appliances in place
  • Bracket – The metal or ceramic piece bonded to your tooth meant to hold the archwire in place
  • Coil Spring – A spring placed between your brackets and over the archwire meant to open space between your teeth
  • Colored Ties– Colored ties are rubber rings (not to be confused with ‘rubberbands’ or ‘elastics’). They come in many fun colors and fasten archwires to brackets.
  • Elastic/Rubber Band – Small rubber band that hooks between different points on your appliances and applies pressure to guide your teeth to their desired position
  • Elastic Tie – The tiny rubber band that wraps around the brackets to keep the archwire in position
  • Headgear – An appliance that attaches to the patient’s head via neck straps. The device is meant to address severe bite problems
  • Hook – A small, metal arm to which elastics are attached
  • Ligature – A thin wire that positions your archwire into your brackets
  • Lip Bumper – An archwire with molded plastic that holds back lower jaw molars to allow more space for other teeth
  • Mouthguard – A shield for teeth and gums worn to protect the mouth during sporting activities
  • Palatal Expander – A device that widens the upper jaw
  • Retainer – A device worn after braces meant to hold teeth in place
  • Separator/Spacer – A small rubber ring that provides a space between teeth before bands can be attached
  • Tie Wire – A thin wire that is twisted around the bracket to hold the archwire in place
  • Wax – Provided to aid in mitigating cheek and lip irritation from braces

Orthodontics Definitions: Orthodontic Procedures

Orthodontics Definitions | Orthodontist in St. Louis

  • Banding – The process of placing bands on your teeth
  • Bonding – The process of placing brackets to your teeth
  • Cephalometic X-ray – An x-ray of the head that demonstrates position and growth of the face, jaws, and teeth
  • Consultation – A meeting with your orthodontist where your case is reviewed and treatment discussed
  • Debanding – The process in which the bands are removed from your teeth
  • Debonding – The process in which brackets are removed from your teeth
  • Impressions – The process of creating a study model mold of your teeth
  • Invisalign – A transparent alternative to traditional braces
  • Ligation – The process in which the archwire is attached to your brackets
  • Panoramic X-ray – An x-ray encompassing your entire head to capture teeth, jaws, and other facial aspects

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